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O’Connell’s has been a family owned St. Louis tradition for over 50 years and is home to our world famous ground sirloin burger & roast beef sandwich. O'C's was founded in 1962 in Gaslight Square and bought by Jack Parker in 1965. Jack was a regular and helped with the founding and eventually started to work there as a bartender. When the original investment group had had enough they sold it to Jack. When he moved to the current location in 1972, he brought everything from the original wooden bar to the 1904 World's Fair chandeliers to the chairs, booths and kitchen equipment. The “new” building was built in 1905 by Anheuser-Busch and had gone thru a few manifestations before Jack bought it. When Jack opened the new location he famously said, "anyone who behaves in a civilized manner is welcome in my establishment", and this inclusive spirit continues to this day.

We are family friendly but are also a traditional Irish pub where conversation flows freely. Guinness is on tap and the burgers are served hot. Our homemade soups are made daily each morning by our kitchen staff that takes great pride in serving great food. Our servers and bartenders are professionals who work hard for the money. We are a family that has formed over the past 50+ years with regular customers coming in who have done so for decades. We rarely if ever make changes to the place because when it ain’t broke, ya don’t fix it. Come on in and have a pint in this St. Louis fixture and start your own tradition. You can talk to people who are third generation customers and feel the tradition of the pub which holds that everybody is equal when they enter these doors. We only ask that you treat your fellow patron with respect as well as the staff that loves the place just as much as you do. We will see you soon for a pint! Cheers!



Tiffany D.
This place was cool! I went in for a burger and fries. This place is just a experience. There are big chandeliers everywhere. The lighting gives a cool...
This is an old school tavern that was the backdrop to so many Anheuser Busch commercials. The place is dark, low key and is known for their burgers (often voted best in the country). Their burgers are big and thick like the kind you would make at home...oh, and they're cheap. ...
Rose Marinucci Taylor
O'Connell's. Cheeseburger. You can't beat the price and quality. Pair it with their pub ale and you're good to go! Sharing this photo to reveal my deep deep love - not just for the burger - but their daily specials, like rib tips that make for at least two meals. Can't wait to be...
David Warner
Great food,wonderful patio,generous pour,and great friendly staff!
Lisa Clinton
Finally able to visit the establishment my little brother, Kenny, worked at and loved. Their burgers are indeed top notch. Delicious and juicy. Highly recommended!
Still love to grab a burger from here! As a kid, we use to get pickle spears! Jack was always nice! I feel like I’m in Gaslight Square when I walk in this place♥️
Janice M Baluka
Best roast beef sandwich hands down! The portion is big and cooked to order( medium rare for me!) .I live in California but try to get there every time i visit family in St.Louis. I've only found one restaurant out here that is close to as good but smaller portion and lot more...
Linda G
Been a regular for 30+ years… they have the BEST roast beef sandwich, and their burgers are well known too! Always top notch food and drink. Ambiance is unlike any other, old building, dark, and old wooden booths. Worth every penny
Nick Jans
Been going since at least 1982 - I'd meet my Dad there (also Nick and far more well known) while I was at SLU and saw Leonard and Red tending bar always. My Dad had a stool always in the corner near the door. We lived in Chesterfield so his business took him to AB frequently....
Rick Winchester
I have been dining here since they relocated from Gas Light Square and my kids were born at Barnes down the street. Now I take the family with my grandkids (Their favorite spot, The kings chair while eating roast beef and fries) Not much has changed, except I miss seeing Jack...
Wonderful atmosphere and best burgers and wings ever!!! Enjoy
Such a cool vibe! Servers were quick, polite, and you could tell they knew what they were doing. Ordered burgers and fries, which came out hot, fresh and quick. They were literally the best burgers we’ve ever had. Already planning our next visit when we come back to St. Louis!
James Caldwell
In early 1980, I had the pleasure of working as a cook here. Loved the ambiance, the bartenders (Red, and Leonard), and the wait staff always pleasant even at the busiest of times. As many have said, the burgers were huge, the roast beef sliced by hand, and the soups always...
John and Betty Williams
Wow! Ate there last night. Saw O'Connell's when we exited off I-44! Have family at Barnes. We ordered the Cheeseburger and the Corned Beef Sandwiches. That was the best burger I have ever had! It was huge! My husband had the Corned Beef. You are definitely generous with...
SJ Webb
My father in law introduced me to the O'Connell's. It is a magical place where the food, service, and family can enjoy.

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