Welcome to O'Connell's Pub

A Family Owned St. Louis tradition for over 50 years and home to our secret recipe, world famous burger & roast beef sandwich. O'C's was founded in the 1960's by Jack Parker in Gaslight Square. When we moved to our current location, we brought everything, from the bar to the 1904 World's Fair chandeliers, to the new historic building. When Jack opened he said "Anyone who behaves in a civilized manor is welcome in my establishment," and this inclusive spirit continues today. We look forward to pouring you a pint soon!



Tiffany D.
This place was cool! I went in for a burger and fries. This place is just a experience. There are big chandeliers everywhere. The lighting gives a cool...
Marian Brockel
Food was very good. Staff took a lot of precautions, wiping down the seat, back, arm rests and tables after the customer left. The hamburger was awesome. We'll be back again
This is an old school tavern that was the backdrop to so many Anheuser Busch commercials. The place is dark, low key and is known for their burgers (often voted best in the country). Their burgers are big and thick like the kind you would make at home...oh, and they're cheap. ...
Rose Marinucci Taylor
O'Connell's. Cheeseburger. You can't beat the price and quality. Pair it with their pub ale and you're good to go! Sharing this photo to reveal my deep deep love - not just for the burger - but their daily specials, like rib tips that make for at least two meals. Can't wait to be...
David Warner
Great food,wonderful patio,generous pour,and great friendly staff!
Lisa Clinton
Finally able to visit the establishment my little brother, Kenny, worked at and loved. Their burgers are indeed top notch. Delicious and juicy. Highly recommended!


Monday - Saturday

11:00am - 11:00pm